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These buildings are empty now aside from the security system, what is the point of leaving these valuable things just lying around?

The owners will be back in the morning you say? What does that matter? Why should I worry about the future when NOW they sit relatively unguarded?

Second game from my game a month project. Play as a teleporting gentleman, well let's assume this because of the top hat, thief and dash through proceduraly generated worlds trying to get a little richer and not get shot in the process.


Left Mouse / Space: Hold to aim teleport, release to activate

A / Left Arrow: Move Left

D / Right Arrow: Move Right

E : 'Collect' valuable


March 31 2016:

- Added a how to play menu option

- Added a 'press e to collect' option when close to a collectable

- Updates a couple of UI 'things'*

*Fantastic descriptions pending


Game2.zip 10 MB

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