A downloadable game for Windows

Have a normally most empty ship that has suddenly grown a pesky alien infestation? Then Starship Janitors may just be the company for you!

Using the latest in Transmorferc...Trans..mogrif...Shapeshifting Technology our Janitor Bots humanely and efficiently remove these unwanted pests for a LOW LOW price*


*Price determined by magnitude of infestation and will most likely creep into crippling debt situations quickly.


Developed for Ludum Dare 35.

Welcome Janitor Bot A418201849-Vt to your new life, we have a contract for you right away! Head to the enclosed location and you will find a ship that requires your services.

As per your training manual* you are equipt with a standard issue Transmogrifier and Stasis Net** to assist you with your work

*Training manual not included

**Any damage to enclosed equipment will be removed from final pay


Move: WASD

Shoot Transmogrifier: Left Mouse

Swing Net: Right Mouse

Transform Enemies with the Transmogrifier and capture with the Stasis Net


Starship Janitor Compo Version.zip 13 MB